May 10, 2017 · 134 words · 1 minute read

Open-Source Software

Machine Learning for Protest Events Data System (MPEDS)
Python NLP tool for extracting information about protest events from news articles. I contributed by refactoring the code into a package, implementing unit tests, setting up the Docker container, and building the website

A somewhat eclectic R package for personal use

Data Visualization

Christmas cards made in R

Exponential Smoothing Algorithms
d3.js visualization of Holt Winters algorithms for time series

Talks & Workshops

Integrating R and Command Line Tools
SatRday Cardiff Lightning Talk. June 2018

R From Scratch
R-Ladies London Workshop. February 2018

Writing Excel Sheets in R
R-Ladies London Lightning Talk. November 2017

A Statistician’s Approach to Model Selection
Women in Kaggle London Meetup Group. November 2017

Prostate Cancer Heterogeneity and Assorted Chi-Squared Tests
Biostatistics Training Initiative Seminar Series. March 2017